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The flower of the thousand and one Movies particular evenings

Starting from the story of Nur-el Din and his misplaced slave, the fascinating Zumurrud, the film tells the Tale of Aziz and Tagi, two youthful Adult males who bring in girls and boys to mate with each other and uncover who among the all, is a great lover..

The sand woman

An entomologist who is carrying out analysis in a desert area asks for hospitality in the villagers. They guide him to a woman's hut at The underside of the sandy melancholy that can only be reached by a rope ladder, that may be removed through the night.

The canterbury tales

A group of pilgrims on their strategy to Canterbury notify tales during the journey: the coed Nicola covets the spouse of your carpenter Giovanni, exploiting her superstition; two students get revenge on Simkin, the flour thief; a woman from Tub, an insatiable and voracious nymphomaniac kills 5 husbands and inherits their possessions ...


Vixen is really a busty nympho Female who lives with her pilot husband Tom, who would not recognize his spouse's infidelity. When a young few asks for hospitality inside their spouses' household, Vixen will quickly start to seduce each of these. In between incestuous relationships, lesbian moments and black Guys, Vixen's needs unfold in the initial perform in the erotic genius Russ Meyer.

Femme Fatale

7 years following committing a sensational theft, Laura Ash - an attractive and glamorous jewellery thief - returns to France, to Cannes, chased via the old accomplices she experienced deceived and who are identified to track her down with the photographs stolen by a paparazzo.

Warm shiver

Ned Racine works as an attorney in Florida, and is particularly drawn to Matty Walker, a lady he meets by accident and who returns his awareness. But Matty is married to Edmund, an extremely wealthy male who earns his residing on illegal organization, and when he finds out about his spouse's clandestine affair, he could acquire revenge. Matty then tries to influence Ned that the one way they are able to continue on becoming with each other is always to kill Edmund.

9 in addition to a 50 percent months

Elizabeth, an artwork supplier, satisfies John, a stockbroker, on the street and commences a wierd and torrid really like affair with him. She knows Just about absolutely nothing about her earlier and however she allows herself be linked to enthusiasm and indulges inside of a number of erotic online games ...

The devil in the body

A woman threatens to toss herself off a roof, and clearly attracts the eye of a high school course and a beautiful Woman named Giulia. Andrea, among the list of highschool students is struck by Giulia's splendor and chases her that has a scooter ...

The lover

At the conclusion of the twenties, in Indochina, a fifteen-year-outdated Frenchwoman when returning by steamer to Saigon, fulfills a abundant Chinese that is two times her age. The Lady, daughter of a widowed teacher, dreams of starting to be a author and turns into the lover of your Chinese, but later on he will turn out complying along with his father's wishes and marrying a Chinese Woman, she will go from Indochina eternally ...


Linda Boreman, married to violent and unstable Chuck, is persuaded by her partner to help make some novice pornographic movies. They level it out to director Jerry Damiano, who chooses Linda for his 1972 production, destined to become a porn traditional: Deep Throat. Together with the surname Lovelace, Linda will become the image of the cultural clash that can go away profound implications in her lifestyle.

A lot quicker, pussycat! eliminate! get rid of!

3 strippers in search of potent feelings, escape within the strip club wherever they do the job and head into your desert, wherever they fulfill a younger engaged few. Just after drugging and kidnapping the girl, they head for the ranch of the aged gentleman who lives with his kids, intending to seduce him and steal dollars ...

Primary sin

Cuba at the end of the 19th century. Louis Vargas can be a handsome and rich coffee merchant. For his existence to get full he only requires one thing: a wife, perhaps American. Identified to marry without having too many sentimental difficulties, he joins a lady he met by mail purchase, Julia Russell. When Julia, stunning and sensual, arrives in Cuba, Louis falls madly in enjoy along with her, even when there is an®ion=TopBar&WT.nav=searchWidget&module=SearchSubmit&pgtype=Homepage#/Porn Movies aura of mystery driving her. His images are pretend, his tales are made up, you can find mysterious scars on his back again and he has strange nightmares though he sleeps. Things get a lot more sophisticated when Julia goes lacking with Louis' income.

Sex crimes - hazardous games

Sam Lombardo, a revered Florida highschool Trainer, sees his everyday living absolutely altered any time a pupil accuses him of rape. Even though the investigation is underway, A further Woman techniques ahead to report that she much too was raped by Sam, but Detective Duquette discovers that there's a perfectly-defined approach Which the situation is just not so simple as it seems.

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